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For over 32 years, we have successfully conducted thousands of investigations in Southwestern Ontario on behalf of mutual insurers, national insurers, independent adjusters, municipalities, corporations and law firms.

We Substantiate the Truth

Each member of our team of investigators has more than 25 years experience and specialize in surveillance involving injury based claims. With a focus on being the highest quality investigation firm in Southwestern Ontario, we’ve developed a unique approach that consistently yields superior results over conventional surveillance methods.

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From mild exaggeration to outright fraud, we can assist insurers by securing video to make an accurate assessment of what the claim is actually worth. Substantiating claims rather than settling them uncontested, can dramatically reduce costs.

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When you need to know if you are being presented with the truth, we can secure the evidence you need to strengthen your case. We assist insurance defense and family act lawyers with our trial experienced investigators to achieve the best outcome for your client.

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From Fortune 500 companies to medium size businesses, we can verify the truthfulness of employee claims for human resource managers. We investigate workplace injuries and questionable absenteeism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important attribute of an investigator?

Experience. When you are in the field, there are no standard operating procedures. You can work the same file on consecutive days and have totally different circumstances requiring adjustments to be made constantly. Without vast experience, mistakes occur and less optimal choices are made, leading to missed opportunities. You should know how much experience the investigator has that is working on your assignment and not assume because an investigation firm is large, that the investigator has much experience.

Are consecutive days needed for a proper investigation?

No. The majority of the time, consecutive days is not the best approach. By using online databases, social media and our vast network of resources prior to going into the field, we can use that information in conjunction with drive-by’s to establish patterns and learn when people may be active or have routines. Then we rely on many years of experience to guide us to the narrowest time frames needed to conduct surveillance. This will lead to the most opportunities over more total days, rather than less opportunities from long consecutive days.

Is it better to have several satellite offices to cover a large service area?

No. The best way is to find and build trust with the best regional investigation firm that covers a large area from a central office and does not charge mileage. This is the most cost-effective business model so you avoid paying the unnecessary costs of overhead for their satellite office, layers of management, and mileage charges. Those cost savings allow us to hire only the most experienced investigators.

How do you deal with difficult location or inactive claimants?

By using drive-bys’ whenever possible, we gain information prior to surveillance which allows us to use a narrower time range and attend on more occasions with the same budget. If that is not effective and our pre-surveillance resources do not assist, it is imperative to be in contact with the client immediately. If there are upcoming appointments, we wait for those opportunities as people are more likely to remain out once they have departed. If there aren’t any upcoming appointments, we continue with further drive-bys as sometimes opportunities present themselves. In the event things are still not working out, we make further surveillance attempts past the budgetary limits as a good-faith gesture. On the very rare occasion they are still in active, we look for claimant or their family member birthdays as people are much more likely to be active.

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