Privacy Policy

Rivard Investigations is a regional investigation company which primarily provides services to litigation related matters in southwestern Ontario . We follow the highest ethical standards regarding collection and disclosure of personal information. Our privacy policy ensures compliance with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, known as PIPEDA.

Rivard Investigations will identify the purpose for collecting and using personal information prior to doing so. We will obtain expressed or use implied consent as required and allowed by PIPEDA. We will only collect and use personal information for the specified purpose. Once the information is no longer required by our client, it will be destroyed. We have various safeguards in place to protect the personal information which we have secured or been provided. Various measures include but are not limited too; locked filing cabinets, alarm systems, passwords on computers and extensive training on handling personal information. If an individual wishes to have access to their information we have on file, they must do so in writing and provide as much information as possible to allow us to make the appropriate decision to grant or deny the release of that information as required by PIPEDA.

When visiting our website, we will not collect information about you unless we are provided the information voluntarily. We do not engage in selling of personal information. Our website uses statistical tracking information which does not provide any personal information that identifies the visitor. The policies outlined on this statement are for our internal business processes and do not form any contractual information or obligation to outside parties. We regularly review our privacy policy and make amendments as needed to provide the highest security of personal information. Any further request for information can be made via the contact information on this website.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information: