London Ontario private investigatorThe principals of Rivard Investigations have a combined 75 years of experience, specializing in insurance litigation. We are a regional owner-operated investigation firm in business for 30 years. Our business model does not follow the industry trend of having provincial or national coverage. We carry almost none of the overhead that large firms require: layers of management, advertising, expensive corporate offices and unnecessary software programs. Every investigation is handled by a very experienced investigator.



Our analytical approach starts in the office where we enlist our extensive network of resources to gather information. As often as possible, we use drive-by’s to establish patterns and seize opportunities when they present themselves. This narrows the duration of surveillance allowing for more attendances, saving the budget from being prematurely exhausted. We intensify our efforts when patterns emerge or opportunities exist.



The advantage we have comes from our experienced investigators using our unique approach. Because there aren’t any standard operating procedures in the field, extensive experience is imperative for every investigation. After many years of seeing patterns or situations, it allows the best decisions to be made in a constantly changing environment. A seasoned professional is a key advantage when making critical decisions while in the field.